Transforming Africa, One Church at a time.

A great sweeping end time revival with the epicenter in East Africa, spreading across Africa and thence to the ends of the earth.


To see the Kingdom of God advanced by trained and equipped ministers world wide who walk in righteousness and justice.


The Mission of Daystar Institute of Biblical Theology and Leadership Development Africa is to promote and facilitate training and equipping disciples of Jesus Christ to become thoroughly established in the way of Christ and the apostles. Our work and ministry is especially focused upon pastors, church leaders and Christian ministry workers who would otherwise have little or no access to theological training. These we train and equip so that they, in turn, can train and equip their family and church members to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. Accordingly, we offer our training and equipping ministry at minimal cost to our students.

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A Bible study guide of the WitW (Walking in the Way) course

The Way of God
A Bible study guide meant to equip disciples of Jesus Christ to become thoroughly established in the Way of Christ. (Colossians 2:6-7.) This study will enrich your small groups study of the word. It’s very interactive and allows the user to derive all answers from the Bible. Useful for teens, small group Bible studies and family Bible studies. You will not be a Christian in name only (Nominal Christian) after this study.

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